Our Team

As a voluntary organisation, DecarboniseNow is made of its volunteers, and its lead team is no exception. Find out a little more about us here.


Chris Friedler, Lead Director and Head of Publications


With a BSc and MSc in Climate Change from the University of East Anglia, Chris has long been focused on the world’s biggest issue. Chris created DecarboniseNow at university, after wanting to have a more direct way to get people involved in climate change. He has also previously worked for other climate organisations, including the Committee on Climate Change. Outside of DN, Chris enjoys conservation work and other volunteering, as well as writing literature and travel.



Polly Green, Assistant Director and Head of Campaigns


Polly is currently studying Geography at Bristol university. She developed a concern for the environment after interning at Carbon Tracker and undertaking course modules on the subject of sustainability. Alongside her interest in climate policy, she currently campaigns with the Fossil Free society for university divestment from fossil fuels. Outside of her studies Polly enjoys travelling around Europe, visiting galleries and life drawing.



Tom Baker, Assistant Director

Tom is a current student studying Geography at the University of Bristol. Through hisde carbonise now photo studies and completing an internship in the summer with the sustainable car hire company, Green Tomato Cars, he has developed interests surrounding sustainable development, environmental policy and planning and energy policies. His current dissertation is concerned with the future of Europe’s energy supply and its drive for a low carbon producing continent, focusing on the concepts of Super grids and Smart Grids. Consequently, Tom has a strong web of knowledge encompassing the topics of environmentally friendly grids and energy supply issues. Away from academics, Tom has a passion for music and drama, playing the guitar and being involved in plays.