High carbon infrastructure

Current campaign – frustrate efforts to build more high carbon infrastructure

The UK’s attempts to reduce its emissions will be threatened if it keeps building high carbon projects, from coal mines to gas pipelines to airports. That’s why DecarboniseNow is opposing projects appearing which threaten reaching climate targets. If new infrastructure has no obvious plan or method of decarbonising, it is not compatible with a zero emission UK. Examples of these kinds of projects can include coal mines, gas pipelines, airports, shipping ports, gas and oil fields, new gas plants, and heavy industrial plants without obvious scope to decarbonise.

New high carbon infrastructure not only makes it more difficult for the UK to achieve its own emissions targets, but can also send messages internationally that the UK is not committing to its own goals, and can actively encourage other nations to do the same. They also risk blotting out new low carbon alternatives to the same services.  

Currently, DN is opposing the construction of the Whitehaven coal mine in Cumbria. This will lead to an increase of 8.4mn tonnes of CO2 a year, an extra 2% of the UK’s total. It will also ‘lock in’ coal for steel making, preventing active development of alternative forms of low carbon steel making such as hydrogen steel and electric arc furnaces. Politically, ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow it is sending the opposite message of a low carbon leader from the UK to the rest of the world. DecarboniseNow wants the plans shelved in the national and international interest, with alternative low carbon solutions developed instead.