How we’re going to do it

With all of these advantages, DecarboniseNow believes that to tackle climate change, massively accelerating electric vehicle uptake is the single biggest policy priority at this point in time. With all of these advantages, we also believe that there is overwhelming support for this policy. We want to bring on board as many supporters to the campaign as we possibly can. This includes MPs, car and manufacturing companies, unions, energy companies, business leaders, local authorities and regional governments, NGOs and other campaigns, and as many of the public as we can. So we want to build a massive coalition of supporters, throwing their weight behind a 2030 ban to show its popular support. We then want to present this coalition and our arguments into the political arena, to put pressure on politics to lock in a binding 2030 or earlier target. We will consider this campaign to have succeeded when a binding commitment to ban all petrol and diesel car and van vehicle sales, including hybrids by the year 2030 or earlier, has been passed at a national UK level, as well as following up with a clear direction of travel on how this will be achieved through national policies.