About DecarboniseNow

What we are

DecarboniseNow is a campaign network, which holds up policies we believe to be the fastest route to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions in the UK as quickly as possible. This process is known as decarbonising, hence the name ‘DecarboniseNow.’

Our campaigns aim to take a headline policy that is widely accepted as a priority to reduce the UK’s emissions, and provide compelling evidence and arguments to decision makers as to why these solutions are the right decision. For more specific detail about our latest campaigns, see our ‘Campaigns’ tab.

We aim to communicate information about and campaign for climate change action in the UK, because we believe it is the right thing to do to safeguard the UK’s domestic climate change policies and create new ones.

We aim to bring together as much talent as possible from concerned civil society, galvanising everyone to fight not just against climate change, but the indvidual areas we need to get working on in the UK to prevent climate diaster.

What we are not

We represent a common cause, not an ideology – we are not aligned to any political party or philosophy.

Our only policies are that the UK needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible, whilst not negatively affecting society or the economy. Our aim is to unite all those who share this view, regardless of other political or philosophical views. We attempt not to bring in other environmental or more general issues, philosophies or perspectives.